Question time in federal parliament

Question time in federal parliament

Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull used Question Time to promotes the National Energy Guarantee.WHAT WE LEARNED
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* If scientific experts recommend a meningococcal B vaccine be listed, the government will make it available on the national immunisation program and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.


The National Energy Guarantee can be a long-term bipartisan policy which delivers cheaper and more reliable electricity and lower emissions.


Whether the prime minister will rule out spending taxpayers’ money on a new coal-fired power station.


“What we are in favour of is cheaper electricity and the market will work out what is the cheaper model.” – Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

“That is the strongest full-year growth in youth employment in 30 years – before Taylor Swift was born. Now, the Labor Party might shake that off, Mr Speaker, but we are not going to shake it off.” – Treasurer Scott Morrison.

“A year ago the Treasurer said: ‘There’s no such thing as new, cheap energy with a coal-fired power station.'” – Shadow treasurer Chris Bowen.

“If you build a new plant, the cost of capitalising that means the cost of that is going to be higher than an existing plant right now. It is simple economics.” – Treasurer Scott Morrison.

“Why would ns trust any promise this government makes about lower power bills – promises which the Member for Warringah, the former prime minister, described today as ‘merchant banker gobbledygook’?” – Labor energy spokesman Mark Butler.

“The problem with the Labor Party is that they think should be more like the Shire in The Hobbit – they think we should all be living like Bilbo Baggins in our turf houses, smoking our weed pipes, sitting in front of our fireplace with the smoke curling out of the chimney, no economy, no industry, no primary industries.” – Leader of the House Christopher Pyne.


“Every time the PM says ‘the time has come’ I think of the walrus. Didn’t work out very well for the oysters.” – Labor MP Terri Butler (@terrimbutler)