Pist Idiots provide a sobering message for toxic masculinity

Pist Idiots provide a sobering message for toxic masculinity

BARING IT ALL: Western Sydney band Pist Idiots proudly promote their working-class roots in their music.
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DON’T let the colourful band name or the barechestsfool you –Pist Idiots frontman Jack Sniff takes his music seriously.

The western Sydney four-piece are at the forefront of the pub-rock revival along with bands like West Thebarton and Bad//Dreems.

It’s high-energy,abrasive and unashamedly blue collar, but in the case of Sniff, there’s also vulnerability.

Whether it’s singing about being unable to find love (F—k Off)or delving into his own feelings of self-worth by singing “I over-drink, I tend to overeat,” on 99 Bottles, Sniff isn’t afraid to express his own insecurities.

“I’ve never thought about a wider message or anything, it’s always been pretty personal to me,” Sniff said.“Everyone’s in the same boat. No one has a perfect life.”

They’re feelings which have struck a chord with youngn men.

In the past year the explosion of the #MeToo movement has challenged men to change their behaviour towards women, and the music industry has been at the vanguard of thatdiscussion.

Sniffunderstands that Pist Idiots can play a role in changing behaviour.

Pist Idiots – Leave It At That“The way the world is twisting and turning at the momentis definitely for the better,” he said.“It won’t happen immediately, but maybe in five, 10 or 20 yearsthe way society is functioning will hopefully be better with a lot less dickheads.”

The south-west Sydney suburb of Revesbyisn’t known for itsarts scene.All four members of Pist Idiots grew up in the suburb, went to high school together andstill live in Revesby.

The band began as an excuse to “get drunk in the garage,” but after gigging for two years they released their debut self-titled EP in 2017 and toured with Newcastle punk heroes The Gooch Palms and Skegss.

Momentum grew in January when the release of the single Leave It At That convinced triple j to label Pist Idiots as one of the “ones to watch” in 2018.

Then in July Pist Idiots released their second EP Princes.

Sniff, with his moustache,frizzy dark hair and burly frame, cuts a similar appearance to ’70s legend Captain Beefheart.He’s also earning a reputation as araucous performer.

“Sometimes we forget we’ve got a show on because we’ve having lots of fun performing,” he said.“I like to feed off the crowd a lot and I can gauge the energy and the approach off that.

“The main thing is to have a good time and make sure everyone’s safe. I’ve got to be those eyes. Regardless of what it looks like, we’re always watching.”

Pist Idiots bring their Princes tour tothe Cambridge Hotel on August 30.