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Lambton manJohn Grayson has a malignant brain tumour which he says will lead to right side paralysis, partial blindness, cognitive impairment andpaintowards the end of his illness. He was given two-to-five years to live when diagnosed in 2014.

Another option: Euthanasia advocate John Grayson has a rare brain tumour. He believes having the option of doctor-assisted dying would improve the mental health of the terminally ill. Picture: Ryan Osland.

The self-confessed“hardcorenerd” said he dreadedthe thought of essentially“becoming brain dead” as his cancer progressed.

“A part of that dread is perhaps because of my own‘nerdiness’,” he said.

John Grayson on euthanasia for Dying With Dignity“I have a strong loveaffairfor sciences, especially physics and chemistry…So whileI’m aware no one wants to lose their mind, I think my fear of cognitive impairment is perhaps my greatest fear.”

Hehas become an advocatefor euthanasia, contributing to Andrew Denton’s bookThe Damage Doneand appearing on the ABC’sQ&AandYou Can’t Ask Thatprograms.

You Can’t Ask That Mr Grayson penned an open letter toSouth n Parliament members after voluntary euthanasia was recently knocked back in the state.

One of his biggest frustrations in the fraught euthanasia debate was the concept that“we can’t allow doctors to kill,” he said.

“It’s not the doctor that is killing me, it’s the cancer. The doctor is giving the best medical aid possible–to end my suffering,” Mr Grayson said.

He used a scene inthe popular TV seriesGame Of Thronesto describe his thoughts on euthanasia.

“One of the characters–Mance Rayder–was to be executed by being burnt at the stake,” he said.

“His execution was taking place, but Jon Snow–the good guy–broke the rulesand instead shot a crossbow into Mance killing him instantly and ending his suffering.

“Mance was already dying, and he’d soon be dead.

“No one would argue Jon killed him, he instead ended Mance’s suffering of being on fire, in pain, and stress.”

Mr Grayson said the existence of euthanasia lawscould improve the mental health of the terminally ill byoffering another option.

The n Medical Associationsaid doctorshave an ethical duty to care for dying patients so that death can occur “in comfort and with dignity,” but thatthey should not be involved in interventions that have ending someone’s lifeas their primary intention.

Taking aim: Jon Snow.

Mr Grayson said brain pain was hard to treat.

He was not scared of death itself, but of being alive in that “end state.”

“It might seem strange, but having euthanasia as an option removes the concern of your final time,” Mr Grayson said.

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MISSED: Family, friends and workmates are helping in the search for missing Metford teenager Zac Barnes, who was last seen at Thornton on December 13. Picture: Facebook.
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MOTHER of missing Metford teenager Zac Barnes has penned an emotional open letter to her son pleading with him to make contact.

Karen Gudelj tells her 18-year-old son that his family and friends areshattered while his boss and workmates look forward to having him back on the tools.

Zac has not been seen since running off from friends at Thornton on November 13 wearing only boardshorts and a singlet.

“I know how much you love your family,’’ Ms Gudelj says in the letter.

“If you can’thome please please please just let us know somehow.

“Reach out to someone. There are lots of people you can trust.’’

A heartbroken Ms Gudelj told Fairfax Media on Thursday that Zac’s friends were handing out posters, which had been printed for free by a local company, in a bid to find their friend.

She said she feared her son was too scared to contact family or friends and reiterated her message to him that there was no problem or issue too great to overcome.

“I never realised until now how many people adore you. Witnessing your friends crushed as much as we are is overwhelming,’’ she said.

Ms Gudelj also wrote about of her family’s pain at not knowing what had happened to him despite repeatedpleas on social and mainstream media.

“Your little sisters ask about you everyday,’’ she said.

“Mick is a complete mess he misses you so much. Jaz is looking every day. Liam can’t be believe you’re gone.

“Al says come back to work, Marty checks in regularly and says ‘what can I do to help’, Julz your second mum is frantic and hasn’t stopped looking for you.’’

Ms Gudelj said Zac could be identified by a tattoo of a VB logo on his right calf, and asked anyone who may see him to contact police instead of approaching him.

Zacwas last seen wearing a faded blue singlet, dark blue board shorts and work boots.

A large air and land search at Thornton earlier this week failed to find any trace of Zac.

Anyone who has information is urged to contact Maitland police or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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